We makes $ 700 and have mette Mack is the and we are do own and we do not no cat and we have $700.


I what too the store with my mom with my dad and my brother and my boby brother and we want too my case hase and mom and me and my mom and dad and my brother and boby brother too go hame and we what too back to school.






Skyp thet see the kangaroo and see the aborigine and thet see did and thet see a big kangaroo and thet is not big kangnroo had much kangaroo thet see tree in a pot and the a lot of pelple in a country at all.










On wensday I want too my cousin house and we what too catwest and what go too biking a big ice cream and my couse afae a ice cream but I got a big   For   Ice cream and I what back house.


My brother drove too my mom and my dad house and my cousin and my brother we wat too by my dad and my mom house and she is the best mom and my dad new car and my dad drove my and my brother and one of my brother and we is too school and we lafe the house she is seck and she my mom and my dad and boby brother is at house we'f my mom she vary sack and I my dad is at was...


We ded bartering and I barting a big teef and I barting a big stages and a big two big stinky feet and lithesome and I Pentateuch and mackes.


Weekend report

Me and my mom and brothers and we left my mom and dod but my mom come but my dad don't come he had to do work and we live in a big hotel   And me and my mom and my brothers live in a same room but it had two bad and me and my mom sep in a same bad and my brothers oil out 4 brothers.

The end.